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Panel fit.
Starting body work and first prime.

Epoxied with Glasurit epoxy primer.

Sand blasted and ready for epoxy.

Delivery of the Z28. 

Doors and fenders body worked.

Primed and ready for first blocking.

Ready for paint...

Underfloor painted.

Stripes and cowel painted.

The rear is ready to go in.

The rear is in.

Front stub is in and  302 ready for exhaust.

Doors color sanded and buffed.

Doors painted.

1969 Z28 Camaro

Finished painting.

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The 1969 Rallye Green Z/28, which LaBrecque Autocraft restored, was the only first-generation Camaro to receive a Platinum Award at the 2016 Camaro Nationals on June 25/26, 2016.

The score was 98.5% in a 5000 point class.

Only 14 First Generation Camaros have achieved Platinum in the history on the Camaro Nationals. This year was the 18th Annual Camaro Nationals.

Details of Legends Class
The Legend Class is an annual concours competition, for first and second generation Camaros, and is based on progressive improvement over a one to three year period. Entrants compete against a maximum number of points available for their particular car, and not against other cars in the class. Cars to be considered must have all original VIN tags and cowl tags in place and those tags must be fully readable, and unaltered. Likewise, all numbered components will be checked to be sure that they are correct for that model and year Camaro. To score well, all major components of the drive train will be original to the car. Most entrants to this class will be full frame off restorations, or original low mileage, unmolested unrestored cars.

Legends Scoring Results
This is a progressive improvement system, which can take up to three years to complete. It is directed at a finale of a near-perfect Camaro achieving in excess of 96% of it's attainable score. This percentage will be the car's points assigned, plus any bonus points; compared to the maximum number of points available for that car. In order to place, cars must achieve a minimum score of 82%. Scores between 82.0% and 87.99% will receive the Bronze Award. Scores between 88.0% and 95.99% will receive the Silver Award. Score between 96.0% and 97.99% will receive the Gold Award; and scores of 98% and above will receive the Platinum Award.