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1969 Fiat 124 Sport Coupe

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Fiat 124 Coupe is an Italian car produced between 1967 and 1975 in three generations. The four cylinder, aluminum, twin overhead cam engine was designed by ex-Ferrari engineer Aurelio Lampredi. Originally, the AC or first generation featured an 1,438 cc engine, which grew to 1,608 in the second or BC generation. The third generation, or CC, was first officially offered with the 1,592 cc and then 1,756 cc (some early CC left the factory with left over 1,608 cc engines). Other mechanicals include a 5-speed gearbox (although very early AC models only featured a 4-speed), disc brakes at each wheel, power brakes, double wishbone front suspension, one carburetor per cylinder (2 Dual Weber or Solex carburetors on the BC series 1608 engine - except for the USA version which received mild carburation due to emissions constraints), electric fuel pump (on the CC series), and suspension by coil springs.
The 124 Coupe was designed as a three-box, notchback by Mario Boano, known for designing the bodywork on the Ferrari 250 GT "Boano". He was hired by FIAT and was made responsible for the in-house Fiat Centro Stile, while the softtop Spider was designed by Pininfarina. The Spider and Coupé shared the same basic platform as the 124 Sedan (or Berlina in Italian), but the Spider had a 14 cm shorter wheelbase .
There were approx 113,000 AC Coupes, 98,000 BC Coupes 1,438 cc/1,608 cc, and about 75,000 CC Coupes manufactured. There were ongoing changes with all models making them almost individual by year.

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